Experiencing Table Kitchen x Cafe:

Tablo’s flexibility in accommodating dietary preferences makes this vegan and gluten-free Putanesca pasta a must-try for those who do not take dairy and gluten.

My friends and I from our high school alma mater caught up recently in the south. It was a birthday celebration of one of our friends, and she chose Tablo as the venue to meet up and celebrate.

I’ve been vegan for 3 years and gluten-free for a year and I know how difficult it is to find restaurants that cater to this preference. The options can be somewhat limited especially in dining out and it requires some sort of planning. This is why I took it upon myself to check their menu in advance and see if we can strike a balance. The menu offerings are varied – from salads to appetizers to entrees and to platters meant for sharing. Even their beverages would give you a hard time choosing. Just by looking at the menu alone gave the vibe that Tablo is truly for communal eating, an experience meant to be shared and enjoyed with others.

Their Tablo Nacho Grande and Salted Egg Carbonara make communal eating a great shared experience.

Their Tablo Nacho Grande and Salted Egg Carbonara make communal eating a great shared experience.

Reaching out:

It is good to promote restaurants that go the extra mile and are flexible and open to diners who may have varying dietary preferences. In this age when hypertension already affects even young people due to lifestyle and poor health choices, options would always be a good starting point in empowering customers on the food they would like to have. Much of the customer experience starts from this as well. You will be surprised as to how some of the well loved establishments are unable to cater to those with dietary requirements.

They did have some options that could be possible for me to try, plus and minus a few tweaks. I asked if their Summer Salad could be served with the dressings separately, and they delightfully agreed. For appetizers, I was looking at one of their best sellers, Cream Cheese Wedges, and likewise asked if the sauces and other dips can be served separately. No issues. On top of this, the Putanesca pasta takes the cake: they allowed me to bring my own gluten-free pasta and they decided to cook the entire 400g past box even if it meant adding more ingredients. Wow. How’s that for an excellent customer service?

Great experience:

Going to Tablo is also a visual treat, an eye candy of sorts. The color palette is pleasing to the eyes, so much so that every nook and cranny is Instagrammable. The good thing about this is that much of Tablo’s success is also customer-based: you have testimonial after testimonial from happy diners in many community food groups attesting to the food, price point, ambience and overall dining experience.

Checking it out:

My first Tablo experience was in BF Homes Parañaque (look for Pierre) and was deservingly followed in BF Resort Las Piñas for our daughter’s birthday celebration too (look for Ej). No reservations allowed and one must toil the walk-in, first come-first served process. I think everyone’s truly enjoying not only the food but the service it offers. Other great dishes to try include their Pan Fried Chicken and Beef Pot Roast Ranchero. Their Lychee Lemonade is a super refreshing thirst quencher as well to beat the summer heat.

For a neighborhood dining experience, Tablo certainly does not disappoint.

Tablō Kitchen x Café has branches in BF Resort, BF Homes, Sct. Borromeo and South, Las Piñas. More info at: https://www.tablokitchenxcafe.com/

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