How to place a successful ad for your small company:

One time I decided that I needed to take my own advice and so I launched a paid search campaign, targeting (I thought) event planners who were looking to hire business speakers like me to speak at their conferences.

As such, I created a Google ad for “small business speakers.”

Can you guess what happened?

I dropped about $ 500 on people looking for a different sort of small business speaker – like Bose and JBL.

There is definitely a learning curve with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, so I am here to make sure you learn the easy way and not the hard way like I did.

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The steps to paid search success are these:

1. Consider your keywords:

The point of your ad campaign is to send highly targeted, qualified traffic to a landing page or pages on your website. Your first job therefore is to figure out what keywords will work best to get people there.

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