14 Nobel laureates visit South Africa

Talib 14 A person who won the Nobel Prize for Islam, President Jakob Zuma Mohd al-Dalai

And when the children of Lama called for the presence of Qom, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in the city of Muqbel, and he was the first to meet in Africa.

One of the benefactors said that in Brittany, he accepted the message of the tribe in an attempt to use the wrath of the chest, which was approved by the monk, but he did not hesitate to call for the independence of Tibet.

The Book of the Prize Collection is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in its message to Zuma: “We are worried about the loss of the damage that is being paid to the South African region in the state area in the state of rejection, or change, the effect of which will enter the other side.”

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