The Cameroonians are the most skeptical of the Scots to vote without a referendum.

Defid Camiron:

صدر الصورة ، AP:

Commentary on pictures,

The camels said that if Scotland seceded from the United Kingdom, they would divorce the Muslims.

The head of the British ministers, Difid Kamiroon, who is waiting for Scotland at the end of the visit, is appointed on the 18th of Sabbath.

Wahd Kamirun al-Nakhbin Scotlandinin al-Al-Al-Tawsu’at al-Salih al-Dasfal al-Mulkah al-Mutahidah

And mention the Scottish camels with them, if they call for the right separation from Britain, then they will not be able to do it after the employment of the Australian jinn.

The chief minister added that they were supposed to (if they sounded in vain) not have enough effect on their situation and that they were ready for their children and their wives, as if the separation was a “divorce of the people”.

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