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This company is an early-stage startup that built their: sports planning website: during the pandemic.

With sport returning sporadically after Covid and fixtures changing time and location frequently, it sounds like the Fixture Calendar team are working non-stop to keep the site up to date.

This site has a lot of flexibility, and it means they are often more accurate than Google and look much further into the future than: BBC Sport: and similar wesbites.

One of the things I love about Fixture Calendar is being able to search by location or date, so I can see exactly what sports are happening in a particular date range.

You can experience this:

“Are you free for my aunty’s 70th birthday party on the last weekend in July?”

“Let me check the calendar.” – final Lions v SA Test and Tokyo Olympics days 8 & 9 – “Nope, sorry Aunty.”

An added bonus is the addition of curated links to news, stats, tickets, watch online and more- and they’ve got lots of new features to come down the line.

The website is one of the best out there for accurate sports fixture information- especially for the longer term- and I will be bookmarking this site for whenever I want time-zone clarity.

Give it a go, you might find it becomes your go-to sporting calendar. Here’s what it looks like:

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