A historical judgment to be made by the first Belgian Sajin from the end of his life because of his sexual desire

But what does this mean: "Alama Nafsiya does not suffer."

صدر الصورة ، PA:

Commentary on pictures,

Blake says it means “my soul does not suffer.”

Sadr in Belgium, a historical verdict is answered by the plea of ​​Sajin, who will be punished with the punishment of Maden Al-Hayat for his assassination and murder, at the end of his life.

وبرر السجين ، الملغ من المر خمسين عاما ویدعى فرانک فان دان بليكين He said that he would not be able to win in the play of the female genitalia.

Where the answer is to ask you to make sure that the doctors will have a life after the legal battle of three years, and the prostration that is in the two religions.

And this is the first application of the law of favor on the faithful, and what we know of the murder of the Merciful in Belgium, on the Sajin.

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