Maps of Russia invasion of Ukraine:

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Two months into its invasion, Russia has intensified missile attacks across Ukraine, striking transport hubs and power stations in the latest sign that the Kremlin may be trying to restrict the flow of weapons and supplies to battlefields in the east. Western countries, meanwhile, are boosting Ukraine’s arsenal and phasing out imports of Russian oil.

In Mariupol, civilians are still hiding out in bunkers below the Azovstal steel plant, even as more than 100 who managed to escape have reached Zaporizhzhia, a Ukrainian-held city about 140 miles to the northwest.

Ukrainians rush to cross to neighboring countries:

Fighting throughout the country has driven nearly 6 million people from Ukraine into neighboring countries, the UN refugee agency said. According to border police authorities, the majority of Ukrainians are fleeing to Poland.

Men ages 18 to 60 are barred from leaving the country after President Volodymyr Zelensky’s call to take up arms and defend the country against the Russian invaders.

After weeks of: attempted evacuations:more than 125,000 Ukrainian civilians have been able to use humanitarian corridors to: leave bombarded: cities, according to a video address by Zelensky.

Russia had earlier proposed routes leading to Russia or Belarus, which were rejected by Ukraine. Ukrainian officials have accused Russian troops of repeatedly bombarding: convoys of food and medicine: trying to reach the besieged city of Mariupol.

Dylan Moriarty, Artur Galocha, Joe Fox, Harry Stevens, Hannah Dormido, Laris Karklis, Lauren Tierney, Tim Meko, Simon Ducroquet, Júlia Ledur, Adrián Blanco and Nick Kirkpatrick contributed to this report.

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