The last murder of a person and divorce in a Danish court’s divorce:

Condition of Denmark:

صدر الصورة ، BBC:

Commentary on pictures,

Assumption of the condition of the rope around the court and the suspicion of its effect on the prisoner in the penalty area

The Danish condition is to announce the murder of a person and the last strike after the divorce is not based on the court in Asma, Kobanhaghan.

And the means of conveying the Danish message to the eyewitness testified that khums or fittings belong to him, and that a person stood up to conquer the fire inside the existing court in the middle of the city.

And the condition was discovered that they should take the debt on one of the persons and record it in the prescribed event.

The condition of the Danish state is that it is assumed that the box in the streets is surrounded by a court, and that it is not clear until now the defense is behind the fine.

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