Meet Mattea Roach, the youngest ‘Jeopardy!’ super champion:


Even the most casual: “Jeopardy!” viewers might have recently seen: footage making the internet rounds: of a supremely unbothered Mattea Roach wagering $ 8,000 in the “Anatomy of Words” category.

“You know what – if I wager a lot and lose today, like, whatever, I had such a good run,” the bespectacled trivia whiz told current host Ken Jennings: in an episode that aired earlier this week. “So let’s try and do, like, honestly, $ 8,000.”

Jennings, audibly wowed by Roach’s hefty wager, read the clue, a definition for which Roach would need to identify the corresponding word: “To gently tease another person.”

Roach let the clue sink in for less than a second and nodded, the answer on the tip of her tongue.

“Okay, well, I should have wagered more,” she said, with a flick of her wrist and a subtle eye roll. “What is ‘rib’?”

And with that nonchalant (and correct) answer, Roach reclaimed her lead and – with a wager of $ 1 – won her 17th game straight. Since that episode, the 23-year-old Canadian has won 19 games, making each one of the show’s youngest “super champions” (that is, she’s cracked the all-time top 10 of “Jeopardy!” winning streaks:).

Her cumulative winnings now total over $ 460,000 as of her 19th game Friday, and she boasts a 92% accuracy rate in her responses, for “Jeopardy!”

Roach is also the latest LGBTQ “Jeopardy!” super-champion after: Amy Schneider’s triumphant run: on the show. Schneider, a trans woman, earned more than $ 1.3 million in a 40-game win streak earlier this year, one of the longest streaks in the show’s history.

“It’s been such an honor and a pleasure to be part of what has been such an incredible a legacy of queer and trans champions,” Roach said in an interview with GLAAD:, the LGBTQ media advocacy organization. “And also just queer and trans contestants really, like, showing up on the show and bringing a lot of flavor, I think, has been really fun for me to watch as a viewer.”

Roach called Schneider a “real inspiration” to her before she started filming her run of “Jeopardy!” episodes and told GLAAD she hoped the two could compete alongside each other in a future “Tournament of Champions” edition of the show.

In another first, Roach is also the series’ longest-running Canadian (after late host: Alex Trebek:of course), according to: Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.

In an interview with Roberts, Roach shared her pre-game strategy: repeating “Hail Mary” once the cameras start to roll, a habit she picked up at a Catholic high school.

“I figure it certainly can not hurt – it certainly did not seem to hurt me,” Roach told Roberts.

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