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People perform special prayers and seek forgiveness for all their sins on Shab-e-Qadr.

Shab-e-Qadr, also known as Laylat Al-Qadr, is one of Islam’s holiest nights. People of the Muslim community perform special prayers and seek forgiveness for all their sins on Shab-e-Qadr. They stay awake the whole night.

Shab-e-Qadr signifies the night when the first verses of the holy Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. It is believed that all wishes will be granted through prayers on this day.

Here are a few wishes and quotes that you can share with our friends and family on Shab-e-Qadr:

– On this special night, may Allah accept us and take care of us. May he protect us from all ordeals in life. Shab-e-Qadr Mubarak.

– Remember, Allah will forgive your mistakes only if you accept them and promise to never repeat them. Shab-e-Qadr Mubarak.

– I wish all the good things for you on this auspicious night. Believe in Allah and he will be there for you. Shab-e-Qadr Mubarak.

– May this occasion of Shab-e-Qadr bring joy, happiness, and good luck to you. Let us all come together, pray and seek forgiveness for our sins.

– On this auspicious night, I pray to Allah to seek forgiveness on behalf of myself, my friends, and my family. May Allah bless us. Shab-e-Qadr Mubarak.

– This is the night of forgiveness. Try to forgive all those who have done wrong to you in some way or the other. Shab-e-Qadr Mubarak.

– On the occasion of Shab-e-Qadr, I pray that the Almighty fills your heart with good thoughts and cleanses your life of any negativity.

– May this Shab-e-Qadr bring good news, blessings, happiness, and peace in your life. Sending my wishes to you and your family.

– God, you have given me a beautiful life and I thank you for the same. Bless me so that I can do well in life. Always grateful to you.

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