Kusufo joins the imams of the mosques

Kosofo condition:

صدر الصورة ، reuters:

Commentary on pictures,

The condition is to count a large number of suspects in the realm

The rulers in Kosufu are 15 people in the flight that carry the thirst of their opponents to join the ranks of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria.

And he pointed out the local narrations that from among the adherents there are many of the Imams, from whom the Imam of the Great Mosque in the Asma is the one who shifts his cross.

We are close to 200 people from the Albanians of Kosovo who were killed in Syria, and many of them were killed.

He believes that the organization of the “Islamic State” avoids the afflictions of the Arabs, those whose lives are in a state of “disobedience” in the wider regions of Syria and Iraq.

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